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Relax... Youre Going to Die

Relax... Youre Going to Die

Tai Sheridan is a poet, philosopher, and Zen priest. He transforms ancient Buddhist and Zen texts into accessible and inspirational verses. His Buddha in Blue Jeans series offers a contemporary approach to Buddhist philosophy and awakening.

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  • Introduction

  • Death is the Root

  • Dying is Ongoing

  • Death Isn’t Abstract

  • Free Falling into Dying

  • To Die Before You Die

  • ‘Me’ Dying

  • Death’s Door

  • Fear of Death

  • Relax You’re Going to Die

  • You Are Death

  • Death the Great Leveler

  • Death is an Invitation

  • Philosophy of Death

  • Dying into Redwoods

  • A Wish for the World

  • About the Author
  • Books by Tai Sheridan

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