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Relax... Youre Going to Die

Relax... Youre Going to Die

If you scratch beneath the surface, you will find that many of your anxieties, worries, and fears are associated with death and dying. Relax, You Are Going To Die is an invitation to examine your relationship with death and your ability to live with grace and dynamic vitality.

If we examine death, we usually ask: What happens when I die? What happens after death? Where did I come from? Will I be reborn? What role does God or a deity play in life and death? What is the meaning of living and dying?

Buddhists ask a different question. They ask: Who is doing the asking?! This question results in an examination of the ego, which is your accumulated personal and conditioned identification. When you lessen the hold that your ego has on the full experience of your body, heart, and mind, perhaps, you may glimpse your life as an integral part of the fabric of all of existence. The death of the ego is the birth of true living.

The question of death and dying is an inseparable part of a spinning two headed coin. One side says “dying”, and the other says “living”. I wrote the poetic contemplations in this book in order to help you see the spinning coin more clearly and to help you deepen your relationship to the mystery of living and dying, which is the basis of living a wise, kind, and beneficial life.

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Death is the Root


  • Introduction
  • Death is the Root

  • Dying is Ongoing

  • Death Isn’t Abstract

  • Free Falling into Dying

  • To Die Before You Die

  • ‘Me’ Dying

  • Death’s Door

  • Fear of Death

  • Relax You’re Going to Die

  • You Are Death

  • Death the Great Leveler

  • Death is an Invitation

  • Philosophy of Death

  • Dying into Redwoods

  • A Wish for the World

  • About the Author

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