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Алиса в Стране чудес / Alices Adventures in Wonderland

Алиса в Стране чудес / Alices Adventures in Wonderland
White Pawn (Alice) to play, and win in eleven movesDRAMATIC PERSONÆ (as arranged before commencement of game)

Child of the pure unclouded brow

And dreaming eyes of wonder!

Though time be fleet, and I and thou

Are half a life asunder,

Thy loving smile will surely hail

The lovegift of a fairytale.

I have not seen thy sunny face,

Nor heard thy silver laughter:

No thought of me shall find a place

In thy young life’s hereafter –

Enough that now thou wilt not fail

To listen to my fairytale.

A tale begun in other days,

When summer suns were glowing –

A simple chime, that served to time

The rhythm of our rowing –

Whose echoes live in memory yet,

Though envious years would say ‘forget.’

Come, hearken then, ere voice of dread,


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